About US

Introducing Prairie Sailor Co.:

Prairie Sailor Co. is a dynamic lifestyle brand dedicated to embracing the great outdoors. As a Midwest-specific brand, we understand the unique essence of this region and cater to those seeking adventure in their own backyard. Founded by Anthony Glassman, a native of Hays, Kansas, who later pursued his passion for clothing and marketing in Kansas City, our brand reflects the spirit of the heartland.
At Prairie Sailor Co., we live by the mantra "Always Seek Adventure," a rallying cry that resonates with the Midwest's inherent need to create our own excitement amidst a landscape that lacks towering mountains or extraordinary geographical features. We celebrate the courage and creativity it takes to forge our own paths and find joy in the everyday adventures that surround us.
Central to our ethos is the belief that your chosen brand should be a reflection of your identity. That's why we prioritize authenticity and ensure that Prairie Sailor Co. embodies the values and passions of our customers. We strive to build not only an outdoor lifestyle but also a supportive community by giving back whenever possible. We understand the importance of fostering the environments that inspire us, and we actively work towards preserving and promoting the beauty of the Midwest.
Through our thoughtfully crafted products, we aim to capture the essence of the outdoors while infusing it with the Midwest spirit. Whether it's our rugged apparel, accessories designed for adventure, or innovative outdoor gear, each piece is created with meticulous attention to detail and a genuine love for the great outdoors.
Join us on our journey as we embrace the Midwest and inspire others to seek their own extraordinary adventures. Discover the essence of Prairie Sailor Co., a brand that represents not only a lifestyle but also the spirit of exploration and community.